Based on the framework and tools featured in Making Conflict Work, Dr. Peter Coleman, Robert Ferguson, and their expert team at the Morton Deutsch International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution (MD-ICCCR), offer a variety of services to help make conflict work for you and your organization.


How well do you manage disagreements with your boss? How do you handle different perspectives with employees you supervise, especially the difficult ones?

Our one-day workshop stresses the importance of leaders developing the capacity to adapt: to use a range of effective strategies to navigate power-unequal conflicts in organizations, marshaling their potential energy and avoiding pitfalls.

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Our award winning authors, Peter Coleman and Robert Ferguson –– as well as their wider team of experts –– are available to speak on conflict dynamics, leadership, negotiation, and related topics. Schedule them for a keynote address at your organization or a plenary talk at your conference.


Grounded in the latest, cutting-edge theory and research and presented in practical everyday language and activities, our Conflict Resolution Training and Workshops are available to help improve conflict resolution skills and knowledge and deliver significant improvements to organizations. Training options range from the basics of conflict and negotiation to advanced skills for dealing with intractable conflicts and disagreements between people with different levels of power.


Our conflict experts help you transform your situations from toxic to manageable, from problem to opportunity. First, we learn what sources and dynamics of conflict hinder resolution. Through analysis of relationships, we then determine conflict management styles, power differences, and alignment of goals. We develop a plan to help you resolve dysfunctional conflicts, and help your leaders understand how to put conflict to work. Everything is tailored to the individual, through assessments and in-depth interviews. We offer Executive Coaching for managers and executives that improve their conflict intelligence and leadership.


When a team is under productive – or worse, dysfunctional – due to overt or covert conflicts, our consultants get to the bottom of the problem and make recommendations for changes in team membership or the development of new skills.

We guide you through a process of examining your current organization, identifying conflict styles, distinguishing functional/dysfunctional uses of power, and ultimately coordinating human capital to share common goals. We help you create strategies to resolve obstructive conflicts while still encouraging an open flow of innovative ideas and valuable feedback for higher performance and success. We develop a plan to help you resolve dysfunctional conflicts, and help your leaders understand how to put conflict to work to increase value to the organization.