What are your tendencies when dealing with conflict, and what are some different strategies that might be more effective?

How can you make conflicts work for you, not against you?

The free Making Conflict Work app—available on both iPhone and Google Android—provides an interactive tool to help you adaptively and constructively respond to conflict. Please click the links above or the icons below to view and download the app.

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Often times, there are many components in conflict that people don’t consider that have a big impact on resolution.

  • What are the power dynamics like?
  • What’s important to you? Them?
  • How do your goals overlap or diverge?

Conflicts are addressed most effectively when the strategy fits the specific situation. However, most of us get stuck in one or two chronic ways of responding to conflicts at work and in our personal lives—and therefore miss many opportunities to get things done and build stronger relationships.

Our approach is science-based, building on and extending one of the most influential models in the field of conflict resolution. Our research shows that people who are more adaptive in the face of conflict are happier and healthier at work. But this takes knowledge, skill, and practice.

By answering a series of questions about the nature of your conflict, the Making Conflict Work app helps you understand the dynamics at play. Based on your inputs, the app provides you with an assessment of the overall situation, paired with research-based strategies for navigating the conflict most effectively.